Photo courtesy of Love Wellington - Nov 2021

Photo courtesy of Bill Tomlinson - October 2023

Dothill Local Nature Reserve       

For wildlife and you

This haven for wildlife is a large area of green open space in the northwest corner of Telford. Designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 2016, it is owned by Telford & Wrekin Council and is freely accessible to the public.

The LNR comprises three main areas: Dothill Pool, Tee Lake and Beanhill Valley. Although it is surrounded by residential areas and main roads, the Reserve is the tranquil home to a diverse range of habitats and species over fairly gentle terrain. There are lakes, streams, woods and open meadows. It is small enough to explore within a few hours, yet large enough to be a peaceful retreat from everyday life.

There are various walks around the Reserve, including the 50 Tree Trail and the shorter, circular route the Three Bridge Way.

The Henge provides a focal point and central place to meet, where the Friends group hold various events throughout the year.

Parking is available a short distance from the west entrances to the Reserve at Admaston House Community Centre. ‘The Pheasant Inn’ at Admaston is also conveniently close.

Beanhill Brook

Beanhill Brook

Some of the Friends building a dead-hedge

Some of the Friends building a dead-hedge

Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow


Vonnie Blakeman

28.04.2022 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.


28.08.2021 07:58

Hi, I'm afraid to say I've discovered a hole in my parley where my keys used to be whilst walking through the reserve. Do you have a page or a forum I could post on in case someone finds them?


29.08.2021 09:39

Hello Daniel,
That's unfortunate.
We have a Lost & Found page on this website where I could pop the details - your best bet though is probably our Facebook page which I see you've already done!


21.02.2021 13:34

Hi, do the friends of dothill ever meet and do work at the weekends?

Fiona Dean

21.02.2021 17:03

Hello, thank you for your message. We used to run a monthly Saturday session but these were discontinued in 2019 due to lack of interest. Space limited here - can I help with anything else?

One of our Members

29.12.2019 18:15

Thank you for your emails over the last year. I am unfortunately unable to offer any assistance, but I wish to express my thanks to you & the workers. You have all made such a difference to the area.

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Latest comments

29.10 | 09:14

Wellington UDC Sewage Works were just beyond the end of the blocks going north.

04.10 | 18:40

I think a water pipe or sewage pipe was supported on those blocks many years ago, they look pre war.

28.04 | 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.

03.04 | 14:38

What are the large concrete blocks that are along one of the paths in nature reserve walk please

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