Bat Walk This event is fully booked, reserve list open, please keep an eye on Wellington Walkers are Welcome for details of any last minute spaces (event no.24).

Led by Friends of Dothill Local Nature Reserve.

The Reserve boasts six different species of bats, so the walk will follow the different habitats they prefer. You will hopefully see such species as the Daubenton's bat, as they skim along the surface of Tee Lake, in their evening hunt for flies, or the tiny Pipistrelle bats with their jerky flight pattern as they fly at the edge of woodland. We will have bat detectors, which will help us detect which species of bat is flying around us. How many we see will depend greatly on the weather. 

You will require strong footwear but the walk will be easy and is 1-2 miles long. Please bring a torch.

Time & Location

Saturday 14th Sept, 19:00 – 20:30
Admaston House, Admaston House, Admaston, TF5 0BN

Latest comments

29.10 | 09:14

Wellington UDC Sewage Works were just beyond the end of the blocks going north.

04.10 | 18:40

I think a water pipe or sewage pipe was supported on those blocks many years ago, they look pre war.

28.04 | 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.

03.04 | 14:38

What are the large concrete blocks that are along one of the paths in nature reserve walk please

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