Mammal Trapping at Charlton Pool

As part of National Mammal Week, Neil Nash will be trapping at Charlton Pool next weekend.

He is going to set up the traps at 10pm on Friday 18th, and check them by 8am on the Saturday.

If anyone wants to go take part, please meet Neil by the school entrance in Severn Drive at the above times. YOU WILL NEED A TORCH AND SUITABLE CLOTHING.

Neil says he has seen flocks of siskin and redpoll now returned to the trees around the pool as the habitat is improving, so hopefully there will be some interesting mammals too.

Time & Location:

Friday 18th Oct 10pm

Saturday 19th Oct 8am

By Dothill Primary School entrance in Severn Drive

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29.10 | 09:14

Wellington UDC Sewage Works were just beyond the end of the blocks going north.

04.10 | 18:40

I think a water pipe or sewage pipe was supported on those blocks many years ago, they look pre war.

28.04 | 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.

03.04 | 14:38

What are the large concrete blocks that are along one of the paths in nature reserve walk please

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