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Our Pine Marten project appeal has gone live! All donations this week will be doubled. Visit:

Since the discovery of pine martens in Shropshire in 2015 we have been busy researching the population. Shropshire is proving to be a stronghold and we would love them to stay here! Using funds raised we will increase woodland cover and provide suitable denning sites for them to breed.
Please help us raise £10,200 this week (at 3rd December 2019).


Shropshire pine marten project

Pine martens are the rarest mammal in England however Shropshire is proving to be a stronghold for a breeding population. Their future depends on the creation of suitable habitats and well connected woodland sites. Please help us ensure they have the best chance of survival.


Pine martens declined to the point of extinction in England due to being hunted for their fur and persecution by gamekeepers. They have also suffered from felling and fragmentation of forests. Their recovery is limited by a lack of good quality habitat with hollow trees for breeding and shelter.


We will:

* Develop improved monitoring methods

* Raise awareness of martens within the local community

* Restore woodland habitats

* Work with local landowners to create pine marten friendly habitat

* Improve connections between woodlands to ensure that individual pine martens can find a mate

* Continue surveying to look for evidence of pine martens elsewhere.

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29.10 | 09:14

Wellington UDC Sewage Works were just beyond the end of the blocks going north.

04.10 | 18:40

I think a water pipe or sewage pipe was supported on those blocks many years ago, they look pre war.

28.04 | 15:50

A big thank you to all you wonderful volunteers, what an amazing paradise you have developed.

03.04 | 14:38

What are the large concrete blocks that are along one of the paths in nature reserve walk please

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